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1965, March - 16 Magazine.




She uses to think of herself as Plain jane, a homely little girl with braces on her teeth and plenty of freeckles - but look at her now!



ABOUT 12 years ago three children were playing in London's Hyde Park - three children with such flame-colored hair that a posserby turned to their mother and said, "You ought to do something about putting them on the stage. They'll be the talk of London. They're much a striking trio."
Jane Asher doesn't remember the incident, but this praise from a stranger had a profond effect on her life. For her mother, Margaret Asher, wife of a Wimpole Street doctor and a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in her own right, began to take her older daughter to agents for tiny parts in films. Jane was then five.


1. This is the only picture of Jane as she appeared in her first movie. The film was called Mandy, and Jane played Nina, a blind girl (Mandy was a deaf mate).


2. After that, Jane could get no roles for six years, because she was "too young". In November 1959, she got the lead in Alice in Wonderland.



3. After several grade-B movies, Jane got second lead in Greengage Summer. Left to right: Sussannah York, Jane, Dick Williams and Elizabeth Dear.


4. In Greengage, Jane (right) got a chance to prove what a fine dramatic actress she could be. On the set she met her first "boy friend", a French boy who was one of her fans.

  5. At 14, Jane (left) was very self-conscious about the braces she had to wear on her theeth and the generouse helping of freckels she had.
She remembers that she got the Greengage role because they were looking for "a homely little girl"


6. On top of everything else, Jane (left) suffered from a slight vocal deffect at the time - she had a lisp! But with work and practice, she overcame this problem. 


 7. It was on the set of Greengage that jane developed a tasting interest in dress designing.


8. To this day, Jane still designs most of her own clothes and makes them at home on her own sewing machine.


9. Jane claims that she hated every minute of her "teen-age". She says, "I wanted to be terribly exciting and glamorous, but it was pretty miserable knowing I was simply Plain Jane".


10. Though self-conscious, Jane was already an outspoken young girl. She appeared at one interview puffing away on an artificial cigarrette whose tip it up just like a real cigarrette.


11. Disney saw Jane in Greengage and immediately cast her as Lady Jane Grey, to co-star with Sean Scully, in The Prince and the Pauper.


12. It was during this time that Jane developed her first real crush. She flipped for a 25-year-old British actor named Albert Finney


13. "Alby" left to go on a trip around the world, and Jane's actuation slowly diminished.


14. In 1961, Jane played Wendy with film star Anne Heywood in Peter Pan.  


15. At 16, Jane played the daughter of a Scotland Yard detective-inspector in a film called The Nose on My Face


16. She made her first appearance on Juke Box Jury, a top English record-rating show, in July 1963 - indirectly through this show, Jane met her current boy friend (that's right, Paul McCartney)!



17. One of Jane's highest successes on dramatic TV was the young romantic lead she played in The Rainbow Man. 


18. Jane's first movie released in America was The Masque of the Red Death.


19. Jane's last public appareance was as a Can-Can dancer (along with Hayley Mills) in the charity show, Night of 100 Stars, at the London Palladium.