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1965, Summer - The Jane Asher Look.

By Gloria Stavers

It's Natural, it's long and traight, it's slim and feminine - and if you like it, here's how you can achieve it.

IF YOU’RE a Jane Asher fan, you probably know that she recorded the story of Alice In Wonderland about seven years ago. She did the role of Alice –and Jane (in real life) is a bit like the Alice of that mystical, marvelous story. She has very long hair, round blue eyes and a rather deliberate way of speaking –and thinking. (Who wouldn’t have, when mum and dad are both university types?).
When Jane does a TV show or a film, the make-up men try to persuade her to let them do her up, but Jane is firm against it. “If my lips came out white on the screen,” Jane explains, “I would certainly use lipstick, but they come out quite the right color if I put absolutely nothing on them. I would use lipstick if I found one that suited me, but I’ve never found one”.
Jane feels much the same about nail polish. “I play the guitar, so I have to keep the nails on my right hand short,” she explains. “Nail varnish would look silly on them. I don’t mind it for other people, but it’s just not for me.”

However, Jane loves "making up". She finds it great fun to experiment with eye liners, eye shadows, brush-on colors and any new thing that comes along. She's been interested in make-up since her first movie role in Mandy, at the age of five. She started wearing make-up for real when she was 15 "... and I became fairly expert at 16".

The Jane Asher Look. Jane dressed up - with the "open knit" look.

The Jane Asher Look is acquired by applying a light foundation (you can get it at the ten-cent store) and a light blush of powder. Then line the eyelash-root area of your upper eyelids with liner liquid (all these things are at the ten-cent store, luv). Last of all, apply mascara to the upper eyelashes. Try a little on the lower lashes. If it doesn’t look good (and it doesn’t on some girls) wash it off.
Hair for the Jane Asher Look is long and straight. Jane is very lucky in that her hair is gorgeous –like spun gold. It is expertly cut, so it is subtly graduated form the crown to the tips. She has it washed twice a week (does it herself, if necessary) and shaped once a month. If it gets curly or wavy “… like when I sleep on it”, Jane has it straightened at the beauty parlor. If your hair is naturally straight, you can just wet it when it “wrinkles” and it will straighten right out again.

Jane once declared that if she weren't actress she would have become a hairdresser. She has several curled wigs and hair-pieces for the different parts she plays, but on her own she prefers to go straight. For Maggie Tulliver in Mill on the Floss, which Jane did on English TV, she wore a long brownish wig. "I happen to like it very much and often wear it out myself," Jane admits. "It's just for fun".

Jane has a hard time pinning up all of her own luxurious mane so that she can get the wigs over it. She has to pin it down very tightly in order to get it all out of sight. On some occasions, she wears a wiglet the same color and length of her real hair. It is fastened to a black bow which hides the place where she pins it on (just at the top of her bangs). It's very handy.

The Jane Asher Look is a slim one. Jane doesn’t have to diet. She couldn’t put on weight if she wanted to, so she can eat all the sweets and sodas she wants. Lucky girl!
Delicate looking and feminine, Jane loves wearing long dresses in the evening. She’d wear them more often if it didn’t mean being the only girl in one. Naturally, she adores playing period roles in shows, so she can wear lovely full-length romantic gowns.

Jane Asher is a natural. She is sure of herself - and, of course, she is lucky in a lot of ways. she has looks, talent and charm.
Not to mention one of the grooviest boy friends any girl could have!


 The Jane Asher Look. Jane at ease - relaxed in sweater and jeans.

Pictures and information from the Lady Jane yahoo group.