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The Many Faces

of Jane Asher


WHETHER she is serious or smiling, the girl with the bright red hair is always interesting and captivating. Her moods and personality are highly infectious (so say her well-known brother and her very famous boy friend). But you don't have to take the word of others when it comes to sharing the world of Jane Asher. Here are some very recent photos of Jane working and in the privacy of her home. Take a moment to look at them - and you'll soon find that you have become a "fan" of this popular and tallented young lady.


Jane proudly displays some of the stuffed animals she keeps in her bedroom in her house on Wimpole Street in London.



Before and after - this is how Jane appeared when she did Pygmalion this summer on the London stage.







With handsome Michael Caine in a scene from paramount's Alfie.




Jane does some serious emoting on the British TV show, Dream of a Summer Night.


Believe it or not - in spite of her clowning - Jane is quite a good pianist.