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Very Welcome to the Jane Asher site, former "Sixtie's Jane" Site!!
Here you will find lots of pics about your favourite actress, her biography, filmography, and more things!!

The reason to build a Jane Asher site it's that I really love that amazing and multitallented woman. There are very few sites dedicated to her, mostly as a Beatlegirl. So I decided to make a site for her, she totally deserves it! 

So enjoy the site, leave your comments to the guestbook and enjoy .... not just the Sixtie's Jane, but also the Fiftie's & the Seventie's Jane. During the Sixtie's she had a really really exiting life: from 17 to 21 she was Paul McCartney's grilfriend and she attended to premieres and parties with him and with the rest of the Beatles, one of the most important bands in the world; she went to India; she was an independent girl with her own carreer: acting (films, TV, theatre) ...
Yes, for me she has a very interesting life. And that's I want to share!!

Some pages are full of pics and they take a time to download, so please, be patient.

Behind this site there is a lot of hardworking. Please, if you want to use some of theese pictures, you can, but please, link this site to yours :) You can use the banner below.

Finally I would like to thank to some people: Sentimentalist, Nora, Jeannette Caserta, Linda Ranklin, Lynn Mayes, Lotte Haldrup, Dora, Majenta, Rominet, Carole, Chris ... without you this site couldn't be possible!! Thanks very much for your support, ladies, as well for your pics & info! I dedicate this site to you!!

Very special thanks to Amanda Siegelson and Cindy for letting me use some of their pictures, their help & support!

Violet :)


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