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1964 - Photoshot sessions

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Hello everybody, how are you?

Today I found at the alamy website amazing, rare & beautiful Jane Asher pics in colour! Most of them are from 1964.

Here are the updated albums:

1963 - Photoshot sessions (1)

1964 - Photoshot sessions (11 photos)

1964 - Events (2 photos)

1964 - Dating Paul (1 photo)

You can check our lastest updated at the recently added photos.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Happy birthday Jane!

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For celebrating this special day, we've added some pics that Henry Grossman took of Jane with Paul at the set of Help! back in 1965.

The photos have been kindly scanned and shared by Lynn, are from Grossman's book 'My Time with The Beatles', and come from the Lady Jane yahoo Group.

We hope you enjoy them, as they are very rare!

1965 - Dating Paul

And Happy birthday to our Beloved Jane Asher!

EXCLUSIVE India screencaps

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Hello everyone,

It's been so long since my last post, I apologize for the lack of activity in this site lately. I've been very busy.

My sister kindly made some screencaptures from some guetty images videos including Jane and Paul in India. The pics, as are exclusive from this site, are tagged. Do not remove the tag if/when reposting, please. Thank you. Here they are:

1968 - Rishikesh (India) (at the end of the album for the moment).

Here are also the links of the videos:

video 1: B/W 1968 tilt up Paul McCartney burying feet in sand + looking at camera / Jane Asher McCartney in background

video 2: B/W 1968 close up PAN celebrities sitting around Maharishi Maresh Yogi outdoors / newsreel


Huge Gallery Update!

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Hello everyone!

Many new pictures have been added at the gallery today, many of them from Jane's acting career! So take a look at the following albums:

1950s - Early Acting Career: Added some 'Sword of Freedon' and 'Through the Looking Glass' pictures.

Early 1960s - Acting Career: Added 'Greengage Summer',  'Prince and the Pauper' and 'Peter Pan'.

1963 - Twenty Four Hour Call: New album!

1963 - The Saint: Added some photos.

1963 - Photoshot sessions: Added 2 pics.

1964 - The Saint: Added some photos.

1965 - Dream of a Summer Night: Added some photos.

1965 - Photoshots: Added some photos. As well, we've moved some pics from 1965 Dream of a Summer Night to this album.

1970 - Wicked Women: New album! (more info & captions coming soon)

1970 - The Philanthropist: New album!

You will see that many of the photos that come from the amazing archive REX FEATURES has. As you might now, sadly REX display only thumbnails of the pics, and you have to be there registered to view them in full size. A girl from the Lee Starkey yahoo group (runned by me) began to share some of the Lee's pics in a larger size but watermarked, and I kindly asked her if she could send me some Jane Asher pics for this. And she kindly did. So I'm sharing this pics here, through tumblr, and via https://www.facebook.com/JaneAsherLovers" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">facebook.

As you might see, I've added a little tag on the photos. It's because people uses them with no credit at all (like Lynn adds 'Lady Jane @ yahoo group in the pics she scans). These pics where sent to me and it's me who I want to share them with all of you because I thought you might enjoy them. So if you re-post them, please, do not remove the tag I've done.


Thanks so much and enjoy the pictures!


Quick update

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Hello everyone,

Just a short note for a quick update. I've added the 1966 Photoshots at the gallery, so enjoy!

The next update will be large and soon!! ;)

Past Updates

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November 13th 2012 - Gallery updated: Added larger and better versions of 'Our World'pics (1967 with Paul), 1968 - Journey to the Unknown, 1969 - Photoshots. 


November 9th 2012 - Gallery updated: 1968 - Half Hour Story, 1968 - The Tempest, 1968 - Summer, 1968 - Look Back in Anger, 1968 - Photoshot Sessions, 1968 - Dating Paul, 1968 - Rishikesh (India), 1968 - Mike McCartney Wedding, 1968/69 - Events and 1968/70 - Dating Robert Kidd.


November 5th 2012 - "Remember remember, the Fifth of November..." Gallery updated: 1967 Romeo & Julet US Tour, 1967 The Man Who Understood Women, 1967 Photoshot Session, 1967 Events, 1967 Dating Paul McCartney, 1967 Greece Holiday, 1967 Meditation, 1967 How I Won the War premiere. Not all the captions are posted, I'll add them asap (the 1966 ones arealready up!). Enjoy!


November 2nd 2012 - Gallery updated: 1966 Alfie. Some photo albums have been deleted for avoiding confusion. When new photos will be uploaded, new albums will be created. And I'm very excited because very very soon we will have amazing new and rare pics (specially Jane's acting career). Stay tunned!


October 18th 2012 - Gallery updated: 1966 You'll Know Me By the Stars in My Eyes, 1966 Trojan Women, 1966 The Winter's Tale, 1966 romeo & Julet, 1966 Events, 1966 Dating Paul, 2012 Charley's Aunt.


October 16th 2012 - Gallery updated: 1965 The Mill on the Floss, 1965 Pygmalion, 1965 Dream of a Summer Night, 1965 Cleo, 1965 The Happiest Days of Your Live,  1965 Photoshots and 1965 Dating Paul.


October 12th 2012 - Gallery updated: 1964 The Saint, 1964 Rainbow Man, 1964 Masque of the Red Death, 1964 Photoshots, 1964 Events, 1964 Dating Paul.


October 9th 2012 - Gallery updated:  Early Life, Early 1960s Acting Career, 1963 Romeo & Juliet, 1963 The Saint, 1963 - Jezebel, 1963 Girl in the Headlines, 1963 Photoshots, 1963 Dating Paul.


October 6th 2012 - Changed the layout for making a more beautiful site. Meanwhile I'm in the process of doing this, you will bee broken links, duplicated photos, photos without description... I know that. I don't know how much time will take me, but I'll be doing it the following days/weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience, and tell us if you love the new layout!


April 4th 2012 - Launched a facebook fansite for Jane, https://www.facebook.com/JaneAsherLovers" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">like us!