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1963 - Dating Paul McCartney

She was 17 years old when she first met the Beatles on Thursday 18 April 1963. They were appearing on the BBC radio broadcast 'Swingin' Sound' at the Royal Albert Hall. Jane went along to pose for Radio Times photographer Tony Asper who pictured her screaming in the audience. The article appeared in the 2 May 1963 edition of the Radio Times with Jane commenting, "Now these I could scream for." Jane then approached them while they were having a snack in the Royal Court Hotel in Sloane Square, where they were staying. She mentioned to them that she had been asked to write about them in the Radio Times. They were aware of her as she'd been a guest panelist on the TV show 'Juke Box Jury' and they were all charmed by her. Brian Epstein returned to his own hotel and Ringo stayed behind to have an early night. Singer Shane Fenton, who'd also been on the concert bill that day drove John, Paul, George and Jane to journalist Chris Hutchins' flat, situated on the top floor of Kings House on the Kings Road. Initially, it was George who seemed to engage most of her attention. During the course of the next few hours Paul began to show his interest in Jane and the others left him to talk to her alone. Later he escorted her home and arranged to meet her again. Recalling the meeting, Paul commented, "We all said 'Will you marry me?' which is what we said to every girl at the time. She was a rare London bird, the sort we'd always heard about." The romance became public when they were snapped by a photographer as they left the Prince of Wales Theatre after attending Neil Simon's play 'Never Too Late' Jane was a virgin when they met..
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