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1965 - Dating Paul

Rumours of the couple getting married were always denied by them, but the headline on Jack Bentley's show business page in the Sunday Mirror of 15 August 1965 read: "Says Jane: 'Yes, I AM Marrying Paul McCartney.'" When Bentley visited Jane he said there were rumours that Paul and Jane were already married. "No, I'm not Paul's wife," she told him, "But yes, we ARE going to get married." When it was mentioned that the millions of girl fans would be dreading the news, she commented, "If it's any consolation to them, we won't be married for a while yet, but when it happens we've got a family planned. First we want a boy and then - come what may. There's no particular reason why we are not getting married right away, except that we're both pretty young. Paul is only twenty-three." Jane was eighteen at the time of the interview. Asked if her marriage to Paul would affect her career as an actress, she said, "I shan't give up my career unless it interferes with our being together. Although I like acting, I'm not one of those dedicated actresses who would pine away if they couldn't perform. I get as much enjoyment out of good plays and good music."
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