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1965 - Honey Magazine


Nineteen-year-old JANE ASHER is an actress with a past nd a future. She turns up on television in a dozen different uises - gay, zany, romantic, classical . . . she’s the girl the producers ask for, first.
Of course, she’s off to a good start with flame-coloured hair, porcelain skin, and those pale golden freckles which it would be criminal to hide. To be obvious would be to wear blues and greens, the trad redhead colours.
To be original - and that’s Jane - would be to choose the neutrals, beiges and blacks, shades that emphsise, but never ompete with, her vivid natural colouring.

Jane Asher in a short-sleeved suit in porridge-beige tweed, with skinny sweater and bow-belted skirt, by Harbro.

Actress Jane Asher in a crepe shift with black scallops etched on to creamy beige by Marlborough, lace stockings by Plaza, satin shoes by Gerald McCann.

Photos and information from the Lady Jane and Pattie Boyd Sisxtie's Style yahoo groups.