Acting Career

Here you will find the most complete list of Jane's acting roles that I've managed to do. They are posted in a chronologically way and you'll find the information posted in the following way:

Year – Type of production (theatre, film, TV series) – Title (if TV, episode number and title) – role. Company & Venue (if stage work). Notes (awards and other important credits).

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 Year Type of Production
 Title Role Copany & Venue
 1952 Film Mandy Nina  Acting debut
 1954 Film Adventure in the Hopfields
 McBain child (uncredited)
 Film Third Party Risk
 Girl (uncredited)
 1955 Film Dance Little Lady
 1st Child (uncredited)  
 1955 Film The Quatermass Xperiment
 Little Girl (uncredited)
 1956 TV The Adventures of Robin Hood (1x28 "Children of the Greenwood")
 Alice A'Brand
 1956 Film Charley Moon
 1957 TV series The Buccaneers (1x32 "Flip and Jenny") Jenny Purdy  
 TV series
 The Buccaneers (1x34 "Mistress Higgin's Treasure")
 Theatre Housemaster ? Frinton Summer Theatre, Frinton, U.K. Jane's debut in the theatre
 1957 TV seriesSword of Freedom (1x32 "The Marionettes") Tristina  
 1957 TV series
 The Adventures of Robin Hood (3x13 "The Christmas Goose")
1958  LP/CD book reading Alice in Wonderland Alice Jane recorded her voice as Alice's part
 1958 LP/CD book reading Through the Looking Glass Alice Jane recorded her voice as Alice's part
 1958 TV series
 The Adventures of Robin Hood (3x31 
"The Minstrel")
 1958 TV movie
 Castle Dangerous
 1958 TV mini-series
 Queen's champion (1x5 "The Trap" & 1x6 "The Eve of the Armada") Mary Brandon
 1959 Theatre Through the Looking Glass
 Alice Oxford Playhouse, Oxford, U.K.  
 1960 TV series
 The Four Just Men (1x20 "The Man in the Road")
 Theatre Will You Walk a Little Faster Muriel Webster
 Duke Of York Theatre, London.
 West End/London debut
 1961 TV series
 ITV Television Playhouse (6x28 "The Summer's Pride")
 1961 Film The Greengage Summer
 1961 TV series Probation Officer (3x1) Patsy  
 1961 TV series
 ITV Play of the Week (7x7 "A House of Strangers") Lucy  
 1961 TV series
 Home Tonight (1x36 to 1x40)
 1961 Theatre Peter Pan
 Wendy Scala Theatre, London.
 1962 TV series
Disneyland ("The Prince and the Pauper: The Pauper King", all 3 episodes)
 Lady Jane Grey
 1962 Theatre Level Crossing Dinah Theatre Royal, Windsor, U.K. 
 1962 TV series
 Out of This World (1x4 "Cold Equations")
 Lee Cross
 1962 TV series
 Dixon of Dock Green (9x5 "The High Price of Freedom")
 Joan Lane
 1962 TV series
 Romeo & Juliet (5 parts)
 1962 TV series
 Dr. Finlay's Casebook (1x12 "Behind Closed Doors") Mattie Lennox  
 1962 Theatre Cinderella Cinderella New Theatre, Bromley, U.K.
 1963 TV series
 The Saint (2x22 "The Invisible Millionaire")
 Ellen Chase
 1963 Film Girl in the Headlines Lindy Birkett  
 1963 TV series
 Jezebel ex UK (1x13 "The Four-Legged Stowaway")
 1963 TV Twenty Four Hour Call (1x21 "Love for Caroline") 
 Caroline Bullivant
 1963 TV series ITV Play of the Week (9x11 "London Wall") Miss Milligan  
 1964 TV series
 The Saint (2x17 "The Noble Sportsman")
 Rose Yearley
 1964 TV series Love Story (2x5 "The Rainbow Man") Lucy  
 1964 Film The Masque of the Red Death
 Francesca  Jane's first film to be released in the USA
 1964 TV series ITV Play of the Week (9x45 "A Spanner in the Grass Roots") Poppy Starter  
 1964 TV series
 The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling (1x15 "Watches of the Night")
 1964 TV mini-series
 The Brothers Karamazov Lise Khokhlakov  
 1965 TV series
 The Mill on the Floss (all 4 episodes)
 Maggie Tulliver
 1965 Theatre Pygmalion Eliza Doolittle
 Palace Theatre, Watford, U.K.
 1965 TV series Knock on Any Door (1x1 "Dream of the Summer Night") Lynda Lampard  
 1965 Theatre Cleo Cleo Little Theatre Bristol, U.K. - Bristol Old Vic Company
 Bristol Old Vic Company debut
 1965 Theatre Great Expectations
 Estella Theatre Royal, Bristol, U.K - Brisol Old Vic Company  
 1965 Theatre The Happiest Days of Your Life
 ? Bristol Old Vic Company.
 1965 Theatre Sixty Thousand Nights
 ? Bristol Old Vic Company.
 1966 Film Alfie Annie  
 1966 TV seriesITV Play of the Week (11x51 "You'll Know Me By the Stars in My Eyes)Susan Temple  
 1966 Theatre The Trojan Women
 Cassandra Edinburgh Festival, Pop Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
 1966 Theatre The Winter's Tale
 Perdita Edinburgh Festival, Pop Theatre Edinburg, Scotland
 Filmed and released as a film by Warner Bros. in 1968
 1966 Theatre Hamlet ? Bristol Old Vic Company
 1966 Theatre Romeo & Juliet
 Juliet Bristol Old Vic Company
 1966 Theatre Measure for Measure
 Julietta Bristol Old Vic Company 
 1967 Theatre Hamlet ? City Centre Theatre, New York City, U.S. Bristol Old Vic CompanyBroadway Debut. Major tour U.S. cities
 1967 TheatreRomeo & Juliet
 Juliet City Centre Theatre, New York City, U.S. Bristol Old Vic CompanyBroadway Debut. Major tour U.S. cities
 1967 Theatre Measure for Measure
 JuliettaCity Centre Theatre, New York City, U.S. Bristol Old Vic CompanyBroadway Debut. Major tour U.S. cities
 1967 TV series ITV Play of the Week (13x11 "The Man Who Understood Women") Jennifer Simpson  
 1968 TV series Half Hour Story (2x3 "The Casting Session") Elaine Porter  
 1968 TV series Tempo ("The Actor and the Role: Michael Hordern") Miranda  
 1968 Theatre Summer Lorette Fortune Theatre, London
 1968 Theatre Look Back in Anger
 Alison Royal Court Theatre, then Criterion Theatre, both London  
 1968 TV series Journey to the Unknown (1x2 "Somewhere in a Crowd") Marielle  
 1970 TV series  Saturday Night Theatre (1x4. 'Wicked Women: AnneMaria Moody) Anne Maria Moody  
 1970 Film The Buttercup Chain
 1970 Film Deep End
 Susan  Nominated BAFTA film Award - Best Supporting actress
 1970 Theatre The Philanthropist
 Celia RoyalCourth Theatre, then Myfair Theatre, both London
 1971 Theatre The Philanthropist Celia Ethel Barrymore theatre, New York City, U.S.A.  
 1972 Film Henry VIII & His Six Wives
 Jane Seymour
 1972 TV Series ITV Saturday Night Theatre (4x30. 'Sharing the Honours') Martha Washbrook.  
 1972 TV Series BBC Play of the Month (8x2. 'Hedda Gabler') Thea Elvsted  
 1972 TV film
 The Stone Tape
 Jill Greeley
 1973 TV series The Adventurer (1x16. 'To the Lowest Bidder') Sarah Cookson  
 1973 Theatre Fifty ? Oxford Playhouse
 1973 TV mini-series Wessex Tales (1x2. 'Fellow Townsmen') Lucy Saville  
 1973 TV Series BBC Play of the Month (9x3. 'The Recruiting Officer') Melinda  
 1974 TV Series Jackanory ('Tales from the Russian Mountains') Reader  
 1975 Theatre Old Flames
 Sally New Vic Studio, Oxford, U.K.
 1976 Theatre Treats Ann Royal Court Theatre, then May Fair Theatre, both London National Theatre Company debut
 1976 TV Series 2nd House ('Wife for Life?') Bertha  
 1976 Short Careless Love
 1977 Theatre Strawberry Fields
 CharlotteCottlestoe Theatre, London. National Theatre Company.
 1977 Theatre Ophelia OpheliaCottlestoe Theatre, London. National Theatre Company. 
 1977 Theatre To Those Born Later
 PerformerCottlestoe Theatre, London. National Theatre Company. 
 1977 TV Series The Goodies (7x4. 'Rock Goodies') Caroline Kook  
1978  TV Series Hazell (1x1. 'Hazel Plays Solomon') Georgina Gunning  
 1978 TV Series Hawkmoor (all 5 episodes) Lady Johanne Williams  
 1978 Theatre Whose Life is it, Anyway?
 Dr. Scott
 Mermaid Theatre, then Savoy Theathre, both London
 1978 TV Series Rumpole of the Bailey (1x2. 'Rumpole and the Alternative Society') Kathy  
 1978 Theatre Peter Pan
 Peter Pan
 Shaftesbury Theatre, London
 1980 Theatre Before the Party
 Laura Wittingham
 Apollo Theatre, then Queen's Theatre, both London (1981)
 1981 TV Series Jackanory ('The Railway Children') reader  
 1981 TV Series Brideshead Revisited (1x8. 'Brideshead Deserted' & 1x9. 'Orphans of the Storm') Celia Ryder  
 1982 TV Series Love is Old, Love is New (all 4 episodes) Katha  
 1982 TV film
 East Lynne
 Emma Vane
 1983 Film Runners Helen  
 1984 TV film
 A Voyage Round My Father
 Elisabeth  Nominated BAFTA TV Awards - Best Actress
 1984 Film Success is the Best Revenge
 Bank Manager
 1984 TV Series Tales of the Unexpected (7x6. 'The Last of the Midnight Gardeners') Jane  
 1985 TV Series The Mistress (6 episodes) Helen  
 1985 Film Dreamchild Mrs. Liddell  
 1985 TV Series Time for Murder (1x4. 'Bright Smiler') Sonia  
 1986 TheatreBlithe Spirit
 Ruth Vaudeville Theatre, London
 1987 Theatre Semi-Monde ? The Royalty Theatre, London
 1988 Film Paris By Night
 1988 Theatre Henceforward Corinna Vaudeville Theatre, London
 1988 TV Series Wish Me Luck (1st season) Faith Ashley  
 1989 TV Series Wish Me Luck (2nd season) Faith Ashley  
 1990 TV Series Wish Me Luck (3rd season) Faith Ashley  
 1990 Theatre The School for Scandal
 Lady Sneerwell
 Olivier Theatre, London. National Theatre Copany.
 1990 TV Special Joy to the World Queen Victoria  
 1991 TV Series Tonight at 8.30 (1x7. 'Still Life') Laura Jesson  
 1991 TV Series Murder Most Horrid (1x2. 'The Girl from Ipanema') Lydia Howling  
 1992 Theatre Making it Better
 Diana Harrington
 Hampstead Theatre, then Criterion Theatre, both London.
 1993 Film Closing Numbers
 1995 TV mini-series The Choir (1x3., 1x4., 1x5.) Felicity Troy  
 1998 Theatre Things We Do For Love
 Barbara Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, U.K., then Guielgud Theatre, London
 2000 Theatre House
 Trish Platt
 Lyttelton Theatre, London. National Theatre Company.
 2000 Theatre What the Buttler Saw
 Mrs. Prentice
 Theatre Royal, Bath, U.K.
 2002 TV Series Doctors (4x44. 'Nobody's Child') Charlotte Matlock  
 2003 TV Series Crossroads (3rd season, 18 episodes) Angel Samson  
 2004 TV Series Miss Marple (1x2. 'The Murder at the Vicarage') Mrs. Lester  
 2004 Theatre Festen Else Lyric Theatre, London
 2005 TV Series New Tricks (2x8. '17 Years of Nothing') Lady Deeley  
 2005 Theatre The World's Biggest Diamond
 Mrs. Thomas
 Royal Court Theatre, London
 2006 TV film
 A for Andromeda
 Professor Madeleine Dawnay
 2006 Film Tirant Lo Blanc The Empress  
 2007 TV Series Holby City (9th season, 8 episodes) Lady Byrne  
 2007 Film Death at a Funeral
 Sandra  Nominated AARP Movies for Grownup Awards - Best Supporting Actress
 2007 TV Series The Sarah Jane Adventures (1x7. 'Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? part 1' & 1x8. 'Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? part 2') Andrea Yates  
 2008 TV Series Holby City (10th season, 12 episodes) Lady Byrne  
 2008 TV Series The Palace (all 8 episodes) Queen Charlotte  
 2009 TV Series The Old Guys (1st season) Sally  
 2009 TV Series Holby City (11x34. 'Proceed with Caution') Lady Byrne  
 2009 Theatre Bedroom Farce
 Delia Rose Theatre, Kingston Upon Thames,U.K.
 2009 Theatre Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes
 The Wicked Queen
 Richmond Theatre, U.K.
 2010 TV Series The Old Guys (2nd season) Sally  
 2010 TV Series Poirot (12x1. 'Three Act Tragedy') Lady Mary  
 2010 TV Series Holby City (12x50. 'Get Busy Living' & 13x11. 'Snow Queens') Lady Byrne  
 Theatre The Reluctant Debutante
 Sheila Broadbent
 Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, U.K. 
2011 Theatre The Importance of Being Earnest
 Lady Bracknell
 Rose Theatre, Kingston Upon Thames,U.K. 
 Farewell to the Theatre
 Margaret Rose Theatre, Kingston Upon Thames,U.K. World premiere
 2011 TV Series Waterloo Road (7x18.) Margaret Harker  
 2012 TV mini-series Them From That Thing (all 2 episodes) ?  
 2012 Theatre Charley's Aunt
 Donna Lucia
 Menier Chocolate Factory, London
 2013 Film I Give it a Year
 2013 Theatre Pride and Prejudice
 Lady Catherine De Bourgh
 Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, London
 2013 TV mini-series Dancing on the Edge (episodes 3, 4 & 5) Mrs. Luscombe  
 2014 Theatre Moon Tiger
 Claudia Hampton
 Theatre Royal, Bath.
 World Premiere. Major tour, U.K. cities
 2014 TV Film
 The Gigolo: Origins
 2014 Short Dating Eliza
 2014 Film Drunk on Love
 Miss Sharp
 2015 TV Series Eve (1st season, 4 episodes) Dr. Mary Douglas  
 2015 TV Series Pompidou (1x3. 'The Bowl') Posh Lady  
 2015 TV Series Stella (4x7., 4x8. & 4x9.) Hazel  
 2015 Film Burn Burn Burn
 2015 Theatre The Gsthered Leaves
 Olivia Pennington Park Theatre, London
 World Premiere. Acting with daughter Katie Scarfe for the first time.
 2016 TV Series Eve (2nd season, 3 episodes) Dr. Mary Douglas  
 2016 TV Series The Life of rock with Brian Pern (3x2.) Cindi  
 2016 Theatre Great Expectations
 Miss Havisham
 West YorkshirePlayhouse, Leeds U.K.
 2017 Theatre An American in Paris Madame Baurel Dominion Theatre, London, U.K. Musical debut.