Jane Asher SCREENCAPS (re)Source

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Good day everyone,

On December last year I had a problem. I uploaded some Jne Asher pictures on the net. I usually contact photographers and/or we owners asking for permission first, but this time I totally forgot! And the photographer contcted me. He didn't want the pics removed (which I did) but being pyed for their usage. 

I already had credited him and his website, as I always do in my posts. It wasn't enough for him. I had to pay. A LOT. 

I don't want to have another experience like this again. I felt so sad and angry and frustrated... So since then, I deleted ALL my Jane pics from everywhere. All but gifs and screencaps. No one can sue me for them, can't they?

I know many people post the same pics again and again everywhere and maybe they don't give credit to anyone, and maybe they don't have the contact email (maybe that was the real problem) and they don't delete anything. I just hope they aren't contacted by a photographer as I did. 

So now I only upload gifs and screen caps, but I also share photoshots, events, stage pics (my favourite ones), etc.

So I want to apologize for any inconventient this may cause. You still may join the Lady Jane group at yahoo (check links) where I still be uploading anything. 

I just wanted to share my collection... what is the point if I can't share what I've got? I still safe her pics, the best versions possible... and still want to share the greatness of this amazing woman. They can't take me that and they won't.

Thank you very much for your comprenhension and support. In the following days/weeks this site will have its layout a bit changed so no-one won't be confused about what they'll find: SCREENCAPS ONLY.

Yours trully,


Banners & New Layout

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Hello everybody!

We've changed the site's layout, I hope you'll all like it.

Also, we've created banners for ALL the sites we run, so you can link us if you like :)

Thanks so much and enjoy! xoxo

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https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ladyjane/info" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Jane Asher (re)Source

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As maybe many of you have noticed, I've changed both facebook and tumblr URLS and now they are




That way it will be easier for you to remember the name, and to link and associate the tumblr blog and the facebook page with this website and the blogger/blogspot blog.

Please, change your links and update your bookmarks.

Thanks so much!