Adventure in the Hopfields (1954) screen caps

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And let's celebrate it! I've posted nearly 500 screencaps (made by me) of Jane's little appearance in the 1954 film Adventure in the Hopfields.

Enjoy them! :):D

Updated "Mandy" screen caps

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Hi there,


I've added "Mandy" screen caps again. On September last year I did change all my Jane related sites URL (for facebook, blogspot, tumblr...) and all of them became "Jane Asher (re)Source". It was easier this way to connect the sites with each other.


But I did the "Mandy" screen caps before this changing, so I'm adding them again with the new name (both "Jane Asher (re)Source" and "Lady Jane @yahoo").

Plus, the tags used to be at the bottom of the picture, but it seems some people found some of the pics via google images (so they say) cropped, so I've added the tags in the middle of the pic, but not over Jane's face. This way, if people google for Jane Asher pics they'll find the site's name on the pic and can find the sites and thus can find more pics!


The reason of the tags, besides that knowing if some people post my pics without giving credit (but then they'll be the tagged so I'll know) is that it took me much time to do them. And sometimes people don't realise that. If the tags annoy you, you just simply try to find a copy of the film yourself and do the screen caps yourself. No problem with that.



All my other scans (not much screen caps for the moment, I think) that are already uploaded at any of my sites with the old tags, will eventually be replaced with their new versions.


Thank you!


Vio :)

Added 'Mandy' screenshots

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Hello everybody!

The site's gallery has been updated with Mandy screenshots! This was Jane's acting debut, at the tender age of 5 :)

The screen captures are made by me. Please, *PLEASE*, if you want to use any, give credit to at least one of the sites tagged in the photos (Jane Asher (re)source, https://www.facebook.com/JaneAsherLovers" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Jane Asher Lovers, Lovely Jane Asher orhttps://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ladyjane/info" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Lady Jane). At least one!

And, of course, don’t remove the tags. I’ve spend time to get the copy, taking the screen captures, editing them and tagging them. And sharing them. So, if they annoy you, go and find a copy of the film yourself, and take the screen caps yourself.

Don’t crop the pics! Don’t do any artwork with them that involves hiding or deleting/cropping the tags. If you do it… well, I have MANY films & TV shows to screen caping (? exists this word?), so maybe next time the tags will be larger… or in the middle of the pic… or over her face…

Thanks so much for your comprenhension.

Vio :)