1950s - Early Acting Career

'16 Magazine' March 1965 issue, in an article entitled "Jane Asher's rise to Stardom in pix" explains: "ABOUT 12 years ago three children were playing in London's Hyde Park - three children with such flame-colored hair that a posserby turned to their mother and said, "You ought to do something about putting them on the stage. They'll be the talk of London. They're much a striking trio." Jane Asher doesn't remember the incident, but this praise from a stranger had a profond effect on her life. For her mother, Margaret Asher, wife of a Wimpole Street doctor and a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in her own right, began to take her older daughter to agents for tiny parts in films. Jane was then five. " At the age of five she made her film debut in 'Mandy' (1952). Her interest in acting began when her parents took their three children to a theatrical agency, thinking it would be fun for them to learn to act. Her other screen appearances these early years include 'Third Party Risk' (1953); 'Dance Little Lady', 'Adventure In The Hopfields' (1954); 'The Quatermass Xperiment' (1955); 'Charley Moon' (1956); 'Robin Hood' (1956) and 'The Buccaneers' (1957). Her stage roles include her role of Alice in 'Through the Looking Glass' (1959).
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