1954 - Adeventure in the Hopfields (film)

Popular British juvenile star Mandy Miller (also seen in "Mandy" aka "Crash of Silence") carries the dramatic weight of "Adventure in the Hopfields" on her firm little shoulders. After breaking one of her mother's prize pieces of bric-a-brac, Jenny Quin (Mandy Miller) must scrimp and save to pay for a replacement. A group of tough kids steal her money, tie her up and leave her in a decrepit old mill. The junior-grade crooks turn heroes when they rescue her during a violent electrical storm. Surprisingly tense for a kiddie-matinee feature, "Adventure in the Hopfields" was based on "The Hop Dog", a book by Nora Lavin and Molly Thorp. Directed by John Guillermin, the film was lost and then rescued by a man in Chicago when he saw a television station worker dumping reels in a rubbish bin. Jane Asher recalls: "I can't remember what role I played, though I don't think it was a large one. What I do remember is the wonderful feeling that we were all on holiday while we were making it, because, of course, of all the people that were on holiday in the hopfields while we were filming. The other thing I remember, of course is the rich smell of hops. It's probably why I'm such a heavy drinker now." In the 62-minute film made by the Children's Film Foundation in Goudhurst, Kent, Jane Asher (aged 8) is one of the McBain children, in an uncredited role. In her scene, she and her friends see Jenny run and follow her to see what she's up to. When Jenny encounters a duo up to no good (one of them is actor Melvin Mayes) they help her to runaway from them. The screencaps are made by me from a poor-quality video uploaded at youtube, and the watermarks are necessary because of screen copying for web use without permission or credits.
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